CHARM Society


“I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.” Isaiah 48:10

The CHristian Addictions Recovery Ministry Society (affectionately known as CHARM) is a lay ministry that relies upon God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ as cornerstones for long term addictions healing.

Unlike other recovery programs based on medicine or psychology, we are developing faith focused programming that uses prayer and scripture to develop a more meaningful relationship with God, and to encourage liturgical worship.

Addiction affects not only the using addict or practicing alcoholic, but also their families and society as a whole. In response to this, we are presently building a resource base to address this wider scope of need.

Our aim is to build strength in recovery through Christian community grace and faith, and to meet everyday recovery challenges by trusting in God, calling upon the Holy Spirit, following Jesus Christ, and reading the Bible.

12 Steps thru the Bible”
This small group discussion group format uses questions and scriptural passages relevant to the 12 Steps, to build a foundational relationship with God, Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit.

The spiritual healing process as outlined in the 12 Steps: admission of the need to rely on God, an honest examination of conscience, confession, restitution and ministry, becomes the cornerstone for long term success in recovery. 

This series is scheduled for ‘in-house’ programming at a Christian recovery centre in the Lower Mainland, beginning in September (using the Zoom platform). If you would like more information about how a scriptually focused 12 Step group can be formed at your Parish or treatment centre, please contact us.

Addictions Recovery: What does the Bible say? How can Jesus help?
Held last year at St. Anthony’s Parish in West Vancouver, this eight week series of lively discussion centred around recovery principles contained the in Bible; drawing interest and attendance from a wide range of communities. Please contact us with expressions of interest.



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